Libby O’Loghlin

Analyst, Author, Narrative Media Producer

Libby is an author and narrative media producer who has worked in TV, film, radio, digital and print publishing. She has taught university screenwriting, and is a prize-winning short story writer. She has studied Leadership and Management at the Australian National University and is training with the International Coaching Academy. She loves talking about the power and art of Story … and the importance of being able to interrupt it.


I’m categorised as an ‘Inspirational’ and ‘Educational’ speaker and consultant, and I’ve moderated panels and spoken at numerous events and workplaces, including: Google Zürich, Creative Mornings, Zürich Transmedia and WriteCon Zürich.

To enquire about speaking or pulling me in on webinars, feel free to send me an email. Details on my connect page.

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I specialise in (and love speaking about) two main areas: 

  • The art of story (for those wanting to further their writing skills)
  • The art of clean communication (especially useful for parents of teens)

My university cultural studies background (ANU), and 20+ years of experience across narrative media means I have a sharp lens on the way story emerges and is crafted to communicate ideas in the 21C digital context. I’ve taught scriptwriting at university, and am a novelist and prize-winning short story writer.

All of this, combined with my own experience as a parent of teens and my long-time practice and study of mindfulness, gives me a unique perspective on communication, self-management and leadership.

I have lived in Australia, Malaysia, the UK, the USA and now Switzerland, and I hold a Post-Graduate Diploma in Professional Communication.

 A few testimonials

Libby is a THE go-to authority for my brand’s story. I highly value her astute advice and keen insight. I would recommend her modules without reservation.

—Susan Platt, swissbizchick.com

Libby has an exceptional talent not only with words, but with what lies between them. She has the ability to articulate the “unsaid” – the thoughts, ideas and themes I am too close to spot – and to help me work with them in a way that works for me.

DB Miller, Writer & Columnist

I really admire Libby’s thoughtfulness when she speaks and writes … I love her passion and her sense of humour, which shines through. She is one of the most genuine people I know and she truly has respect for others. 

—Camilla Tregonning, Marketing/B2B Comms & Mum of two

Fresh … succinct. Libby changed my perspective on my audience and messages. 

—Alan LeMap, Managing Director, Latitude Consulting AG

 I loved the way she makes everything so easy while explaining. I am certain that I can use her tips to further enhance my social media marketing services.

—Nabeha Latif