Libby O’Loghlin

Leadership Speaker + Moderator 

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Image: Cloudia Chen, 2018

Categorised as an ‘Inspirational’ and ‘Educational’ speaker and consultant, I’ve moderated panels and spoken at numerous events and workplaces, including: Google Zürich, Creative Mornings, ImpactHUB/CoLab Zürich, Zürich Transmedia and WriteCon Zürich.


I specialise in (and love speaking about) two main areas: 

  • The Protagonist Mindset
  • Clean Communications

To enquire about speaking or pulling me in on webinars, feel free to send me an email. Details on my connect page.

Protagonist Mindset

  • Going the distance: Thriving in the project economy
  • Plot Twist: Become the author of your next Career Pivot

Clean Communications

  • Interrupting the Story: The power of the stories we tell ourselves
  • Constructive and Clean: Communicating for change

My interest in Leadership as a skill that can be learned stems partly from the parenting journey (I am a mother of two teenagers), and partly from having lived and worked in numerous different cultural contexts, including Australia, Malaysia, the UK, the USA and now Switzerland. I am co-founder of The Powerhouse Network for Professional Women in Zürich, and The Woolf Quarterly Online, and my university cultural studies background (ANU) with 20+ years of experience across narrative media means I have a sharp lens on the way story emerges and is crafted to communicate ideas in the 21C digital context. I’ve taught screenwriting at university, am a novelist and prize-winning short story writer, and I hold a Post-Graduate Diploma in Professional Communication.

For Media

Short Bio

Libby O’Loghlin is an Australian author and innovator who has co-founded various community orgs including The Powerhouse Network for Professional Women in Zurich, WriteCon and The Woolf Quarterly, an online cultural magazine. She has a narrative media background (TV, film, radio, digital and print publishing) and loves talking about the power of Story, in relation to both how our personal stories can impact our growth, and how stories can be harnessed as a tool for wider change.

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