Rowing Girl

Rowing Girl Productions (O’Loghlin RG Productions) is a Swiss Einzelfirma formally founded in 2012.

It is the umbrella production house for Libby O’Loghlin’s range of endeavours.

Row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream;
merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
life is but a dream.

The idea for calling the production house ‘Rowing Girl’ comes from a comic strip penned in 2001, for Smallworld, a comic strip about life and the adventures of being a new parent. It featured monthly in Mumezine (an online zine I built with html back in the day).

'AJ' tells me what to do - a comic strip
AJ tells me where it’s at, circa 2001

Navigating and plotting

The rowing girl philosophy evolved when I penned another image after moving to Switzerland in 2007. It’s simply a reminder of the tension between the apparent freedom to flow with the current, while proactively navigating and steering our lives.

Rowing Girl logo