Rowing Girl

The idea for calling my production house ‘Rowing Girl’ comes from a comic strip I penned in 2001, for Smallworld, which was part of an online zine I put together (um, built entirely with html) about life and the adventures of being a new parent.

'AJ' tells me what to do - a comic strip

AJ tells me where it’s at, circa 2001

Navigating and plotting the digital soup

I penned another Rowing Girl image after I moved to Switzerland and I was trying to express the lens I like to put on life’s plot twists.

Rowing Girl logo

A bit about my comics

In 2001, I hosted the Smallworld zine online at Mum-e-zine (then, which was designed for new mums, and contained a bunch of book reviews and home-grown wisdom (I asked seasoned mothers for their sanity-saving tips and advice).

I built the site with my newly-acquired HTML coding skills, blood, sweat and tears, and I had a small but committed following of ‘online’ parents. (Yeah, online was a bit novel, back then!)

Comic on my whiteboard at homeWhiteboard comics are also one of my parenting ‘techniques’. Once something’s in black-and-white it: a) helps me remember (!); and b) is harder to argue with.

Comics also help me remain ‘firm, fair and fun‘, because life’s too short to be un-fun, even when you have to be the Evil Enforcer of Boundaries.

Here are a few of those Smallworld comics.

out the window by @libby_ol


out of my mouth by @libby_ol


pyewah by @libby_ol


shafted by @libby_ol


sunglasses by @libby_ol