My social media ‘identity’ isn’t singular, because I see social media as an opportunity for more projects! Woot!

I have 2 Instagram accounts:

instagram_online_social_media_photo-128 @libby_ol is for landscapes and travel photography.
There are a lot of trees on this feed.

instagram_online_social_media_photo-128 @_la_lib_ is for food. I use this account to stay inspired and share my tips on cooking for allergy-challenged people who choose a more plant-based approach to their food. #soyfree #nutfree #glutenfree #dairyfree etc.

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hello [at] rowinggirl [dot] com

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If you are a librarian, or someone looking for a DRM-free digital copy of my work, please contact me. Free digital versions for your library are available via Smashwords.

online_social_media_tumblr-128If you’re more of a YA/fiction-lover kind of person, you can head over to Tumblr or Goodreads and join in the fun over there.