Hackathon (in the name of transmedia storytelling)

Hello. It’s me. Charlotte. (Aimes.) And I have a few points to make.

Pre-amble: I admit hacking into someone else’s blog isn’t exactly what you’d call Ethical. Or so Lyla keeps telling me. (But she can’t complain seeing as she’s the one who got talked into doing the password-blitzing.)

Point 1: Libby’s not around at the moment so I’m only looking after her interests seeing as she has a few followers these days, and she probably doesn’t realise you can ‘Schedule’ your posts. So here I am, providing some content so she doesn’t look incompetent. 

Point 2: Some people might think it’s a bit freaky that I can write this when Libby thinks I’m still stuck in the Alps in a blizzard trying to save my own sorry arse from the Wannabe Ninja. Because that’s where she’s up to in the writing process.

Well I say: suck it up. It’s fiction. Plus, the book she’s writing (about Yours Truly) is Past Tense. Ergo: it happened before. ‘Now’ is a different story.

Point 3: Libby’s doing quite a good job of writing the story, although she has been a little stochastic [I’m linking these for your benefit, Byron] with the way she lets me show off my vocab. But I shouldn’t be too captious. I’ve heard her daughter snorting with laughter when she reads it, so I guess that’s a good sign.

It’s just that sometimes you feel, as a character, having a go-between Author doesn’t quite cut it. But whatever. Lyla and I are finding interesting enough ways to ‘bleed out of the text’, as she puts it.

Okay. That’s it. It’s been a pleasure.

PS: If you are reading this, Byron, it’s called ‘transmedia storytelling‘. (Or it will be, if Libby ever finishes the manuscript.)

PPS: Lyla and I have been laughing ourselves to Level Puke over some of the spam comments that have been filtered by the WordPress gnomes. Example:

“Great post! It’s so meaningful to me. I follow you all the time.”

And then a link that has about seven words relating to normally out-of-view body parts in it. Who’s going to click on that?! #whybother?

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