A small hiccup

When you have a deal with someone and they claim they’re about to renege, what does that mean for both parties?

Case in point: Ms12 just informed me she most likely won’t be continuing her studies. Especially since she has to do dumb things like try to work out how long it takes dumb Heinrich to get to Bern if he’s travelling at a dumb speed of 20km/hour.

(Her answer: because dumb mathematicians like to work out that kind of dumb stupidness.)

“But… but what about Charlotte Aimes?” I asked meekly.

“I don’t care about Charlotte Aimes.”

So much for the deal.

In fact, she came to me later and said she did care about Charlotte, but it does bring up the issue of motivation. A whopping great part of my motivation for finishing CA is Ms12. Whether she is aware of it or not. We have a lot of fun talking about fiction, I (obviously) love her to bits, and she was the one who egged me onΒ to write a crime novelΒ in the first place.

So when the rug is pulled out from under us, what do we do?

Well, whether Ms12 likes it or not, Charlotte is real now. She’s in my head, and so are Lyla and Mike and Byron and Aurora and all the gang. I’m at the point now where they have their own momentum. I can’t wait for the moment I can hand over the manuscript to Ms12, but I can’t wait for the moment when the Aimes-Waterson universe is put right (at a price, of course), and our two super-sleuths can embark on their next adventure.

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