The juggling act

I could be talking about my life.

Or I could be talking about writing.

I’m half way into The Great Alpine Adventure now, and it strikes me that the further I get into the story, the more I have to juggle.

I have set up a number of things (DH likes to call these ‘open loops’) which must be resolved at some point during the story. I have introduced characters who will only come into their own at a certain point in the story. Or in the next book, perhaps. I have laid traps for the reader: red herrings. I have wandered here and there and everywhere.

And now I have to start weaving a great mat that is Charlotte’s world, and I need to reach a conclusion.

I also have to get the dinner, make sure the Christmas presents get into the post in time to get to Australia for Christmas. I have to have parent-teacher interviews, I have to read German paperwork and try not to get myself into Swiss-bureaucracy-flavoured trouble.

Such is life. Such is writing.

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