Let me back-track for a moment.

I decided to blog the process of writing Charlotte Aimes because it has been quite a ride so far.

It’s not just the writing process that interests me, though. As a writer, it has to be about more than just the writing. These days, having a writer’s platform is imperative. Rare is the writer who can tuck herself away in a room, write her masterpiece, then suddenly achieve notoriety after a chance discovery by a Big-Boots Agent.

Then again, I’d suggest writers have been doing this kind of thing for decades. Virginia Woolf collected like-minded literary peeps around her and created Bloomsbury. She delivered lectures. Hemingway was a journalist.

Writers, you see, can’t survive in a vacuum. On several levels. Firstly, we need other writers to talk to about the craft, to critique our work, to get some encouragement. Secondly, we need writerly networks, from which we learn about the literary landscape out there in the real world – publishers, agents, copyright issues, technology, mentors, funding, and so forth. Thirdly, we need real life – our friends and families, our jobs, our everyday interactions, our adventures – from which to draw our inspiration and from which we, ahem, occasionally borrow the details.

For me, Charlotte – bless her fluffy ski-socks – has forced many of these issues to the fore.

Let’s see where the adventure takes us.


  1. I agree about not being able to survive in a vacuum. I feel very lucky to have found some like minded writers who are going through the same issues and doubts. They inspire me whenever we get together and I think I’m a better writer for their support. Nice blog. Keep up the good work and good luck with your writing.

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