Review: Kinectimals

Here’s an excerpt from my latest review for online games review site, GamePeople.

I’m going to say it, and I’m going to cringe: Bumble is an Omniscient Narrator.

I know. Bumble just doesn’t carry the same weight as God or Homer the Bard. Nevertheless, in Kinectimals, Bumble – our floating Bumble-Bee-ish Help-Desk – pops onto the screen at various intervals to provide young Kinectimal players with the nudge or information to get them to the next Level.

Turns out the goal of Kinectimals is to collect a posse of animals, train them up with skills like rolling and jumping, for which you earn points and coins (and you know I love a gold coin), and take them with you on your adventure around the island. Along the way, you can collect treasure to decorate your island hut, by looking through your Plunderscope and digging like the blazes when you see Stardust.

You can read the rest of my post, and more game reviews over on the GamePeople site.


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