Odyssey Gamer goes live

Here’s an excerpt from an intro to my new column for Andy Robertson’s online games review site, GamePeople
Every month I’ll be reviewing a couple of games, using my writerly, narrative goggles to try to make sense of the world of gaming, and to work out how particular games might fit in with my understanding of stories and narratives. 

You know how there’s a magical isle out there, where narrative ninjas call up their muse and gaze at the Fountain of Fiction, arm outstretched? Well, that island is drifting further from the mainland, or so I’m told. The writers are in a right tizz, because the Gaming Generation has popped over for a visit and muddied the waters with their hand-held devices and consoles. The fiction writers don’t want to drink from the water any more: they suspect it has been corrupted. 

Problem is, very few have travelled to the Mainland to have a chat with Princess Peach, and even fewer have returned with a coherent story to tell. “It’s a jungle out there!”, they moan. “Nobody’s on the Orient Express, they’re all just staring at screens! How can I write about that?!” 

Let me explain by relaying a short adventure…

You can read the rest of my post, and more game reviews over on the GamePeople site.

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